Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fairy tales and birthdays

Little Red Pink Ridinghood

This one was so troubled when she realized I had not gotten a birthday cake that she decided to make me one......out of boxes!!  She even put candles on the top and "lit" them with the yellow and pink cups she balanced on top.

She then sang happy birthday to me and blew out the candles for me.  Thank you Grace!  That was very thoughtful.

Heard around here this week..........

Grant to the babysitter:  Can you please stop talking to me?

Grant into the potty:  Bye poop.  I'll miss you! (really?)

Grace while shopping at Target:  Oh Mom!!  Buy me that shirt.  I like it.  It's skinny like me!  You can't wear it though.  Your tummy's too fat!  (Ummmm, thanks Grace)

Grant (to anyone that will listen and many that won't):  I'm two!!!

John:  I hate school! (and so do half of all school aged kids) (now get out of bed)

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