Monday, November 16, 2009


Let me enlighten you to the content of the royal decree posted outside Queen Emily's door.

Rules of My Room

No burping or tooting
You must be quiet when you
are sleeping in my room
unless you are my friend
and you are a girl
No horseplay during
the night unless I say
read these rules before you
go beyond this point!!!!!!!!

In case you were still in question to which twin has the stronger personality, let me put your uncertainty to rest.  This 'royal order' from the queen herself has been posted on her bedroom door for quite some time.  Each time I enter her "chambers" I get a good chuckle reading it.  She is not shy about laying down the law of her land.  The only thing missing is the threat of beheading for any poor soul found on the wrong side of her rules. 

As you can well guess, this is all directed at her poor brother.  If there is any kind of an up side to the never ending conflict between these two, I guess I've finally managed to find it.  Truth one is that John is going to make a great husband some day seeing how hen pecked he is by his sister.  The second truth tells me that no man will ever abuse my Emily.  She is not about to let any man, young or old, run her over!

So the battle of the sexes still rages strong in the zoo.  Emily's little sign stays posted on the door reminding John that he is no better than the dust bunny lurking under the queen's bed.  John continues to agitate his sister to alternating points of tears and insanity. 


Life is good.

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