Monday, November 2, 2009

The Wild West - a blog short story

My's a pleasant day in Shupeville!

What's that?  A candy rustler has been seen in town!!  He's stealing candy from innocent children?  He must be stopped!!

I guess this is a job for........Cowboy Gus!

Let me make sure my gun is loaded......

My sidekick, the pink pistol packin' princess, will help me catch the varmint!

She's a sure shot with a gun!

Well, when she remembers to keep her eyes open anyway.

That's OK.  I'm the best shooter in the 'ville.

Well, ahem,.......anyway.....let's get going!!

Tim'es a wastin'.  Sundown will be here soon and our scouts say the bandit is making his next move!!

Now, what is it we should do??

Oh yeah, ...........AFTER HIM!!!

Let's start by searchin' the neighborhood.....

No one's seen him.....but WHY do they keep givin' us CANDY??

I thought I saw him go this way!!

There he goes!!  I'll nab him.

Here sheriff......I'll lock the scoundrel up with the other dogs!!

Now let's negotiate my reward.....

All that for a lousy bag of M & M's.  I used to get that for just peeing!!!!!

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