Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spiders, anyone?

I love fall.  It has to be one of my favorite times of the year.....leaves changing, cooler shorter days, pumpkins, pilgrims,'s all great.....except for the spiders.  I do NOT like spiders.  We have had some


B I G 

spiders around here lately..........

See what I mean?

These spiders are HUGE!!!  I don't think I'll call an exterminator though.  I have kinda grown fond of them lately.

Not quite having the phobia of my mother, I am still not overly in love with rodents either.  I will make an exception for the furry guy in my basement.  He and I have a very wary respect for each other.  I'll take care of him and even hold him.  He likewise in appreciation of a little food, water and love, has agreed to not making any sudden moves, not biting the hand that feeds him (literally) and not trying to make a break for freedom.  The agreement has worked well for both parties involved.

It would appear that in addition to the basement hamster, I have a much larger mouse in the house.  I made these rice krispies to send to my sweet nieces at college.  Sorry to disappoint girls, but apparently some mouse in the house liked them a lot.  There were several holes nibbled into the pan while they were cooling.

I believe the mouse looked something like this......

When he went to his bedroom later to do this.......

the nibbling stopped...hmmmmmm.

I'll have to put the care package Rice Krispies back on my "to do" list right below the peach pie I never have gotten made the second time.  Maybe I'll just do pecan or pumpkin since it's close to Thanksgiving now.


So what does Grace do for fun when there's no laundry to fold?

That would be her washing windows.  What a girl!!!


  1. it's a good thing those Rice Krispie treats were eaten by a CUTE little mouse and not one of those furry ones with whiskers-otherwise I'd be setting up traps all over your house! I don't know how you manage to keep any food in the house with your plethora of animals (furry and non alike!)