Friday, November 13, 2009

Expansion project

There was a little bit of residential construction going on in the basement tonight.

Emily pitched in to help John with the new tennant's home.

Rightly so, since the new tennant belongs to her now.

Say hello to the newest victim resident of the Shupeville Zoo.

Fuzzy doesn't have an official name yet, but he/she does have one very excited owner.  She is over the moon about having her own hamster.

She has voluntarily cleaned John's hamster cage (John's HAMSTER'S hamster cage to be precise) (we've never kept John himself in a cage).  She cleans the cage in exchange for a chance to play with John's hamster.  Bright boy we're raising, huh?

Welcome to the zoo, Fuzzy!!!

I'm sure you'll fit right in with all of us crazies.


We bought a cage for the cat you think it will work?

Nah, me neither!!!!

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