Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bragging - hey, it's my blog

So when I walk into my son's bedroom last week and find this.......

there is no good way to get him to wake up.  He has really been tired since being sick.  He falls asleep in the late afternoon for about an hour then DOES NOT want to go bed at his regular bedtime.  It is a vicious cycle.  Not wanting this to happen, I picked him up and rocked and talked and patted and shook (gently) trying to get him awake.  

This is how David found us about thirty minutes later when he got home from work.  So how does David wake a sleeping boy?


It was like Lazarus rising from the dead.  He sat straight up and said "Yeah and play the games!!  Let's go, Dad!"

And with that, he headed downstairs to get his shoes.

Guess where we ate dinner that Friday evening?

Yes, that's right.....we at with Chuck E. Cheese.  Grant was thrilled as were the other three.  David was about fifty dollars poorer when we got home, but he DID figure out how to wake Grant.  I'm guessing he'll rethink making comments like that to a sleeping child next time.

I have taken the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's to eat, but I always go first thing in the morning.  They open at nine o'clock and will serve pizza at nine o'clock if you want it.  YUCK!  We get there when it opens and have the place to ourselves.  By the time others show up at ten thirty or so mine are ready to take a break and eat.  We eat and leave by eleven thirty....long before it gets crowded.

Eating there on a Friday evening was a little different.  It was busy.  My kids don't know how to "stay with mom".  They just run amok in there.  Several times during the evening we had to take a time out to go look for Grant who was off having a blast totally unaware that his presence was needed elsewhere.

While we were there, Grant said he needed to go potty.  I got up to take him.  By the time I got close to the restroom doors, he had gotten ahead of me and disappeared completely.  I stood there wondering for a minute what to do. 

Finally I found a manager and asked him to check the men's restroom.  Sure enough there was a little boy in there fitting Grant's description.  The manager stood at the door explaining to men trying to enter that a mom was in there with her son.  I calmly got him dressed and back out the door thanking the manager as I ducked past him.  Not the MOST embarrassing thing that's happened to me, but not one of my favorite memories of parenting either. 

Meet William Tecumseh Sherman

and his friend Sojourner Truth.

These two characters (created by John and Emily) came to visit last week.  They were working on the speeches for a play they are putting on at school.  Their American history class has done some interesting projects.  I'll reserve judgement as to how much content they've actually studied, but the finished projects are impressive.  They've both memorized quite lengthy speeches.  They know their facts too.  I thought the puppets turned out great, but hey, I'm a bit biased.

More John news.....he got the word on Tuesday that he did make all-county band again this year.  He was so excited.  I'm not sure where those two get their musical gene, but they sure got it from someone!

John had baseball tryouts today (with snow on the ground).  They go to an indoor baseball place.  He'll know next week what team he's playing on this year.  I cannot believe it is that time of year again already.

Grace just got promoted in her gymnastics class.  The semester finishes next week.  I had already signed her up for the next semester that goes from March through the end of May.  After I signed her up, her teacher pulled me aside and suggested I put Grace in a different class that is not open.  It is by invitation only.  She said even though Grace is technically too young for the class, she's more than ready.  Therefore, I switched her to the advanced class.  I told her she gets to start a new class learning different things in a couple weeks.  She was pretty nonplussed by the whole thing. 

I think I have two musicians and one gymnast on my hands so far.  It will be interesting to see what direction the interests of the fourth child take....I'm thinking sumo wrestling??!

Definitely a rough and tumble kind of kid....but fun.

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  1. Grant just wants to be a wrestler like his favorite cousin!- Cale