Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The real zoo

Last Thursday we went to the zoo.  It was a warm sunny day (quite unusual around here this spring), and we decided to go enjoy ourselves.

The first thing on our 'to do' list at the zoo is to play in the fountain.  Of course the zoo is so much more enjoyable to see if you start the day soaking wet.

They did.
I didn't.

After the fountain has been thoroughly enjoyed and we are pretty much soaked to the skin, we move on to the carousel.

I consider this a spin cycle for our clothes.  A good stiff breeze while whirling round and round helps dry off the previously soaked clothes a bit.

There are plenty of animals to play on at the zoo

in addition to the real animals we admire along the way.

This guy was putting on quite a show for us.  He had two lady lion friends in with him that morning.  I think he was trying to impress them.

We took a little (pretend) safari trip....

We monkeyed around in the gorilla forest....

Playing with the interactive displays is always a good way to kill some time.

The new seal and sea lion display is fantastic....

The new polar bear exhibit is AWESOME!

Grace and Grant were engrossed watching the bear swim above them....

Of course, Mr. Goose was good for a little lunchtime entertainment at the outdoor ampitheater.

he was really interested in the pbj sandwiches we had packed for lunch.

It was a very rare hot day that we went.  I let the kids wear swimsuits so they could play in the splash park before we left.


just as we were entering the splash park, the lifeguards announced that it was closed because someone had pooped on the swim deck. 

Why am I not surprised?

Remember THIS little episode  last year at our pool?

We are apparently cursed.

We opted to not wait for them to clean the park.  We left to come home instead.

Even though the kids didn't get to play at the splash park, I think they had a good time.

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