Thursday, May 26, 2011


Do you think I should have bought a lottery ticket that day?

I happened to be in line at the drive-thru pharmacy a couple weeks ago and saw this magic number.  I knew by the time I got home it would roll past this, so I grabbed my trusty camera from the center console and snapped a picture to show the hubby.

Unfortunately for me it took me until tonight to find/remember having taken the picture.

I was back in line again tonight at the pharmacy.   I spent a couple hours tracking down an antibiotic for Grace that the DR at Prompt Care wanted her to start.  I've never heard of this antibiotic before, but he wanted her to try it.  MAN, it wasn't cheap either! Our regular pharmacy was out of it and had to call a couple other stores to find someone who had it.

Grace had a tick bite become infected (not lyme disease!). She was none too happy when the doctor started poking at it with a needle to lance the center.  I wouldn't have been either considering it's on the side of her neck.

Darn ticks!!!

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