Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pictures and plants - Perfectly pleasing

I still have new things blooming around the house.

I'm not sure what this one is.  The landscape guy promised me it would stay small.  That was my only criteria.  It replaced a magnolia bush that had gotten so big David couldn't pull into the garage without scraping the side of the truck.
I really like the white blooms on this new one though.


Phlox and irises along the south side of the house.....
 The irises are in bloom now....I'll have to get a picture of them too.

Our gigantic pine trees are gone now.  One died so we had them both removed.  I cannot believe someone planted them so close to the house.

Here's what we planted in their place....

Peeking through the new trees onto the patio below the deck....

This is growing in one of my front flower beds that I redid last fall....

What is this????

It was supposed to be one of the red tulips I planted in front of the house this year.  All the others came up red with a single bloom.

This thing has four blooms on it and is the strangest tulip color I've ever seen!

See the multiple blooms on it?  The leaves look like a tulip though.

I love phlox!

I love Grace too. 
 I really love Grace sitting by my phlox!
She wanted to be in the picture with her homemade easter basket and eggs.

OK, enough already!! 

Looking up the side of the house.  See emily at the top of the hill?

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