Monday, May 16, 2011

An Easter Story

It's probably kind of late to post these....but I am anyway....

Here's the rest of the pictures from Easter.  I'm posting them here for now, but I'll eventually redate this into chronological order. 

Of course, we had to color some easter eggs....

John and Emily still enjoy doing this activity.  It has become somewhat of a family event in our house.

Waiting to go to church on Saturday night.

The whole gang cleaned up for church......

Before you congratulate me on matching outfits one more year, let me give you the rundown.

John is wearing a school uniform.
Grant is wearing John's old hand me down clothes.
Grace is wearing the dress from last summer that is still too big for her.  She's also wearing Emily's old sweater.
Emily is wearing a matching dress that I just bought used this spring on ebay and a sweater she had last spring.  She was thrilled to get a dress to match Grace's.  She liked Grace's dress last year, and it was just a coincidence that I found a matching one in her size on ebay.  I don't think they're even the same brand.

How's that for frugality???

We went to Easter services on Saturday evening so we could get up early Sunday morning and make a quick trip to West Salem for the day.

Before heading to West Salem, we had to check out what the Easter bunny had left in our baskets that morning.

everyone seemed happy with their new treats and trinkets...

This year the Easter bunny hid eggs inside since it was pouring rain outside.  The eggs produced much candy and many pennies, but not much else this year.  Times must be hard at the Easter bunny factory!

We had a nice lunch and visit with the family in West Salem....

before heading back to Kentucky that evening.
The kids all had school the next morning so we wanted to be back home at a decent time.

The End!

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