Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yeah, we're gross like that....

See how sweet the kids look playing nicely together in the sand?

Aren't our freshly picked flowers pretty?

Doesn't Grace do a great job arranging them?

Isn't this guy gross????
Don't you love Mr. Snapping Turtle?

David found him and brough him up to the house to share with the kids.

Mr. Turtle put on quite a show for the kids.

He hissed and snapped and spun around biting at David's (well shod) foot.

Everyone else watched from the safety of the porch.

After we tired of the fun of tormenting the turtle, the family took it down and tossed it in the pond.

Speaking of pond.......

David took John frog gigging while we were there.

Their evening ended happily.

At least it ended more happily for the boys than for the poor frogs they caught.

Doesn't he look like he enjoyed himself?

The fruits of their labor.......GROSS!!

David cooked these guys up and we ate them with supper this evening.
One person seemed to really enjoy them. 

The rest of us?

Well, let's just say the kids were happy to eat leftovers for a change.
Pretty gross, huh?

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