Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just stuff

School is still in session thanks to many days of snow this winter...

so kids are still studying....

Do you see Emily's study partner?

That's either Kitty or Bella cozied up on her lap while she studies.

These guys have become best friends lately.

Grant told me yesterday that 'Dad is gooder than' I am.

Let's see if he still feels that way the next time he gets sick in the middle of the night!
I'll bet I'm his favorite then.
Doesn't that seem just a wee bit unfair?

Here's the horse stable being constructed in the middle of our living room.

I always knew that stack of books from the library would be good for something someday.
They say books stimulate the imagination....
I'm doubting this is what they meant.

Meet the contractor in charge of the new construction site.....

He's got a very diverse crew working for him.

Grant has been really into playing with his Rescue Heroes lately.  It brings back many memories of John playing with these same guys a few years ago.

Grace's newest passions include reading everything she can get her hands on and.....

dolls......lots of dolls.

She has resurrected Emily's old dolls from the closet and attic and now has multiple babies she cares for quite faithfully.

It makes me glad we maxed out at twins!

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