Friday, May 6, 2011

Shupeville Farm

Kids hanging out in the bedrooms together.  I've started letting the little ones on the top bunks for now.  We'll see how crazy this gets.

Grant likes to sit with his legs sticking out and 'fly his rocket ship'.  When he lays back like this, he is flying up into space from earth.  Then he'll sit up to steer the ship once it's in orbit. 

two dogs in one kennel...we  don't do this very often if you're wondering
Pretty cozy!

Fishing in the pond behind the house....

Grace on the lookout for fish

Getting some help from Dad trying to reel one in

Checking out what is in the bottom of his cup......

It had worms.  Worms that he would hold then tear into many tiny little pieces.
He is all boy!  Sometimes he grosses me now.

John taking target practice...

instructing his sister in marksmanship

now emily's turn....notice the girlish stance?
Oh yeah.  I just thought that I probably need to mention here that John's gun, though it looks real, is an airsoft gun that shoots pellets. 

Bedtime at the farm.....

sweet dreams grant...

goodnight, little girl

have fun reading big kids!  we love you.

David playing with his camera......
Titled......'A Study in Greens'

We're off to the farm again this weekend.  We need to get some much needed work done if the weather cooperates.  It's a good time to be gone too.  This town is nuts on Derby weekend.  I'm not sure if we'll spend the weekend there or just travel back and forth.  I'd sort of like to see the Derby and we don't have a television out there.  We'll see.

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