Friday, August 5, 2011


 July 29th was a busy day at the farm.....

 there were cakes to bake, ice cream to churn, presents to wrap.......

cakes to ice......

Emily took charge of that task.
She's pretty handy in the kitchen.

John helped me make a Texas Sheetcake.  That is what he picked for birthday.
Emily wanted a yellow layer cake.  She pretty much made hers all by herself with a little advice from me here and there.

Here are the finished products....

John found some M & M's in the freezer and tried to write happy birthday in candy on his cake.

You can see it if you look closely...

Grant really didn't care about the WHY's of the evening.  He was just elated to have two kinds of cake and two flavors of homemade ice cream to chow on.

I was pretty sneaky about their presents this year.  I had both kids convinced that I ran out of time to buy them anything.  They thought there were no presents this year.

After cake and ice cream I finally gave them their gifts to open....

John got a couple little things from us...a DVD, baseball card binder, airsoft BB's....

but the one he was most excited to see was the airsoft gun from Grandma!

Emily got a purse and some make-up from us, but again the big news was Grandma Shupe's gift.

She was all smiles before she even had it out of the package....


She carries this everywhere now!


I think they had a good day even if they didn't get to celebrate with friends.
Sometimes simple is better.

I think this birthday proved that to them.
Just look at the smiles!

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