Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pet Inventory

I was playing around with my camera in the basement the other day.

Meet Emily's Beta fish....

Mr. Beta is the best pet we have.
He doesn't eat much.  He never has to be taken for a walk or let out to do his business.
He doesn't need his litter box or fish tank cleaned very often.
He doesn't make noise or chew things.
He's my favorite of all of the kids' pets!

Emily's Beta fish lives next door to her hamster.....


Mr. Hamster likes to crawl into this little yellow tube and visit with Mr. Beta, the fish.
They have lengthy conversations.
I'm not really sure what a fish and a hamster have in common to talk about though.

To tell the truth, Emily calls this a hamster. 
I call it a mouse with no tail.

The cat calls it a boxed lunch.

Actually the cat prefers John's room...

This is Bella's favorite spot in the house.
She lies on John's bed and watches his fish.

She'll sit right up next to the tank sometimes staring at the fish.
I'm not sure if she wants to eat them or play with them.

She's so good with the kids.
They LOVE that cat!

Not much to post today.

We went to the 127 yard sale.

It runs along the Highway 127 north/south corridor.
It is 675 miles long and stretches from Michigan to Alabama.

People all along the route set up booths and sell their stuff.
We only shopped a stretch of about twelve miles.

We went looking for horse stuff.
We got some really good deals on bridles and things.

I can't believe in two months we're going to have horses on our property.
That reality is going to take some time to sink in.

If you're wondering, the purchase of five horses had a LOT to do with David deciding we didn't need another boat a few weeks ago when he went to look at that red Sanger jetboat.

I'm curious how much we'll use the boats we own now that we have horses.
I guess time will tell.

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