Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Good - The Bad - The UGLY!!

The garden has been a study in extremes this year.

Tomatoes....great tasting and lots of them

The kids have had fun picking the cherry tomatoes.
There were PLENTY to pick too.


More than we could eat or give away....

We also had good radishes, onions, watermelon, lettuce and peppers.
So we had some good results.

The beans, corn,  peas, carrots and pumpkins.....not so stellar of a year.
That's been the bad.

But THIS my friends....

wins the prize

as the UGLIEST thing
we found in the garden this year!!!

It's called a tomato hornworm.
I had to research it on the internet to identify it.

The description of its lifecycle is as disgusting as its appearance.

I prefer to remember the good parts of the garden this year....

even if it wasn't GREAT.

We'll have to try again next spring.

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