Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I think this should be titled

"The Optimists"

Of course, they had to take a turn at the darts too.....

Little kids riding the rides on the midway....

Our kids watched their first demolition derby this summer...
Other than the unbearable heat, I think they enjoyed the fun.


Working on some fine motor skills........

Grant has really taken a liking to these things lately.
It's good for him too.  It makes him concentrate on using those fingers more.

This is one of the big kids.  Grace and Grant don't do patterns very well yet.

Look at the concentration on this guy's face!
He's serious about these things.

Here's the pattern maker.....

Getting ready for hunting season.....

or maybe for the draft....

Tinkerbell flew in for a visit one day.

Tinkerbell looks a lot like my daughter Grace!


Grant had preschool orientation today.  He met Mrs. C.
She remembered my threat from two years ago.

I told her if she quit after having Grace two years ago that I would be on her doorstep every monday and tuesday morning this year dropping grant off at her house for homeschool preschool sessions.

She heeded my warning and stuck around for the extra two years.
She can retire with my blessings after she finishes this year with Grant.

I love her.  I think she does a great job preparing these little ones for the years ahead.
Plus she does it in such a sweet, easy going manner.

Grant met a couple boys that will be in his class this year.
It's funny now to sit in the orientation and watch the first time parents trying to take it all in.  I was 'that parent' when we took John and Emily in for orientation some eight years ago.  My how time mellows a person.


Good night!

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