Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twist and Jump

The kids had some fun with the twister game.   

The only problem was that 'someone' wouldn't wait their turn.

The someone I'm speaking of was not Grace or Grant though.  They were the spinner and the caller.

Remington was the trouble maker. He wouldn't stay off the mat.

He kept nipping at Emily and John's hands and legs while they were trying to stay in position.

It added a whole new dimension to the game.....
one I'm not sure the kids appreciated much.


Later we moved the party outside for a while.....

Grant was delighted to have a bicycle to ride at the farm.

But even more delightful than the bike itself....

was the little ramp that the guys built for him to jump over.

And jump he did!!

over and over and over....

Goodnight, all!

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