Sunday, August 7, 2011

We're so bored!

While we vacationed at the farm this summer.....

(just a little note, my kids don't think pulling weeds in the garden and picking up rocks made for a very good vacation)

.....we drove down the road a couple miles and stopped to visit this place.

If you've ever been to the farm with us, you'll now understand why there is a big zebra atop a pole when you turn off the highway to head toward our farm.

This place had several exotic animals to feed and pet.

The guy training this baby zebra brought it right up to Grace and Grant so they could pet it.

They had a camel named Clyde. 
If you know any Ray Stevens songs, then that is funny!

There were goats and miniature pigs.

The hit of the day though had to be the monkey!

Here's Grant getting help feeding the monkey.

Hello, baby bull.

The owner of Bluegrass Animal Land is retiring at the end of this summer.
He's planning on closing the petting zoo and selling all of the animals.

He's selling all of the exotic animals along with several ponies and horses he has there for guests to ride.....

including this tiny little guy that is trained to pull a cart.

Yes, it's sad.
I hated to hear that he was closing for good.
We had a great time seeing the animals and visiting with the people that work there.

Since we buy our kids souvenirs when we go to touristy places, we let the kids pick something to take home with them from Bluegrass Animal Land when we left.

Here's what they picked......

meet Brownie.....




and Butterscotch.......

Now how's that for some souvenirs???

We aren't taking them over to our place until this fall when he closes the zoo permanently.
Until then they are happily grazing at Bluegrass Animal Land.

That gives us time to get a barn, fence, water, etc. ready for them.

I'm so glad we found something to do with all of our spare time!!
It was starting to get a little boring around here.


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