Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preparing for Preschool

Grant and I have been working on his fine motor skills a lot more lately.

There is no doubt he prefers to be outside riding bikes and chasing frogs, but the reality is he is starting preschool this fall and he has spent almost no time with a pen, pencil, crayon or marker in his fat little hand.

A newly purchased Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book is helping to remedy that situation.

He and I are coloring, printing and drawing a lot more lately.

I remember sitting for mind numbing hours doing these things with John and Emily because they LOVED anything involving seatwork, paper, pencils, scissors, glue, etc.

How I'm BRIBING my youngest child with coloring books to even sit for a few minutes and color with me.

My how times change!

He is improving though.....

I think Mrs. Culver will still have to do a little work refining his pencil grasp though!
I figured I'd leave something for her to work on this year!

Grace wanted me to take a picture of her new paperdolls dressed in their ballgowns.

You didn't think I could get by buying Grant a new coloring book and not getting Grace something too, did you?


  1. Cut, color & paste degree coming in handy? ;-) KIDDING!!!

  2. After four years of college, I wield a mean pair of scissors!