Saturday, August 27, 2011


Happy 50th (plus) birthday, Dad!!
I never did get to talk to you yesterday.  I hope Mom treated you nicely for your special day.


Rest In Peace

We'll miss you little mouse without a tail  friend!

2009 - 2011

Hey, two years is all they're supposed to live.  I think we did pretty good keeping him alive that whole time!

Emily already has a new friend picked out.
They're getting acquainted and becoming close friends already.


Wanna take a guess???

I walked into the house and down the hallway and was stopped short by this sight.

He was getting things ready to cut a hole in the hallway ceiling to install a whole house fan. 
I just thought it was funny.


I told Grace to go put clippies in her hair one morning.....

She obliged.......
Do you think it's possible to 'overdo' clippies?


It poured rain one morning while we were at the farm.

Of course that is an invitation for a kid to go play outside in the rain.

and play they did!

The downpour didn't last very long

But it left enough puddles to make an hour of fun painting things with water from puddles.

Grace painted the wrought iron while Grant painted dogs on the garage wall...

John added a celtic knot on the wall.  He learned to make these in sixth grade art.

The trash bags?  Those are there just because I'm too lazy to carry them one at a time to the barn where we put them.


OK, one more time just for a laugh.....

What would have made it REALLY funny would have been pulling the ladder out from under him and THEN taking the picture.

I think I chose wisely when I resisted doing that!

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