Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to clean a basement

Ever wonder how to get your basement squeaky clean?

Add water.

Lots of water.

We had one very wet, very cold bunny rabbit that day.  He spent thirty minutes or so enjoying a shower from the water line that burst right above his cage.  I am happy to report he recovered with no lasting ill effects.

The spots are footprints where we walked on the wet carpet.  It was standing in water in parts of the basement, but all of it was soaked.

David took some pictures after we got the important things out of harm's way.  We didn't know at this point if we had an insurance claim to turn in or not, so he stopped long enough to take pictures.

I am so thankful we did not end up with a bigger mess.  Everything is put back already.

And it is clean!

Downloading pictures from my camera. 
Get ready for another photo dump session in the next few days!
This was the first of many I am sure.

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