Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Snow Snow Snow

Monday - snow - no school

Tuesday - snow/ice - early dismissal

Wednesday - ice - no school

Thursday - snow - not looking too promising for a full day of school today either

I can honestly say my fears of missing the kids when they all went to school this year have not been realized.  I think you must be absent from someone for a significant amount of time in order to actually miss them.

I have not had that opportunity.

Thank you Mother Nature.

Actually, it hasn't been that bad.  I just like to complain.  Not that anyone listens.

The roads in the neighborhoods are awful, but the main roads are clear.  It is snowing heavily right now.  I'm not sure how that plays into the decision to dismiss early or keep them all day.  Maybe I can get something done before they get home!

The kids have loved being home.  It has been a marathon play date for the younger two.  Grant acted a bit shocked this morning that he had to actually get dressed and go to school.  Oh how quickly we fall out of a routine.

Yesterday two other kids from school came to play for a few hours while their mother was at work.  Grace and Grant didn't know the kids, but it took all of two minutes and two cats to cement a new friendship among the four of them.  That was a nice diversion from the same old toys and games.

John helped David at ECO yesterday.  He's working to save money for a new computer he wants to buy.  What's that saying about men and boys and the price of their toys?  So true.

Emily hung out at home doing what Emily likes to do best...hang out.  She tried to get some friends to go to a matinee, but no one could find transportation to the theater.  So instead she worked on her room some more and cleaned up her old dollhouse so David can put it in storage at ECO.  I noticed most of the little kid stuff is now gone from their rooms.  The teenage years have fully taken over.

Happy Thursday!!

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