Friday, February 7, 2014

Reading - Grant Style

Grant is a typical boy.
He always wants to be busy.
It doesn't matter if it is playing or building or destroying...
he just wants to be busy doing something.

So I was not surprised by the events that unfolded one snowy cold day at home.

 Grace decided to hang out on my bed and visit with me.
She worked on her needlepoint.

Grant and I were already there reading a chapter book...
Junie B. Jones to be exact.

We read. 
He squirmed.

Grant read.
And he squirmed.

More reading.
More squirming.


Reading lying down.

And more reading.
And, yes, you guessed it.
More squirming.

And on.

And on.

Still in the same spot.
Doing needlepoint.

Living proof that boys are just geared differently.

Need I say more?

And for the record, nope.
This picture never gets old!

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