Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Grace and Grant like to play out things they see us do at the farm.
Lately their favorite thing to play has to do with taking care of the cows

They will round up and sort pretend cattle, deciding which ones to take to market.

Sometimes the dogs volunteer get drafted to be cows or horses.

They spent most of one morning tied to the refrigerator.  They were cattle waiting to go to market.
Money says the real cattle would not sit this patiently waiting to be loaded onto a trailer.

A few cans of Playdoh provides many hours of fun when it's cold outside and there are no electronics inside to play with.

Olaf - from the movie FROZEN

and someone else's version of Olaf

I guess we should have had an Olaf judging contest.
There were enough entries for a contest.

Grant made the flag.  I think he was spelling something with the toothpicks, but I have no idea what it said.  

It truly is an adventure sometimes to see what pictures are one my phone.

Today is off to a good start.  Grace is back in school after being home two days sick.
David collected a little less than forty gallons of sap yesterday.
The dog is healing nicely.  He's going to have a wicked scar.  I hope fur covers it.

John had his last wire change of the teeth moving blitz he's been enduring.
The orthodontist tells us that he will probably have braces off by summer.
Grace goes in next week for a wire change on Monday.
Grant follows on Wednesday for his first evaluation.

Oh, and there is snow on the ground.
My kids didn't even mention it this morning.
That is how sick of snow we are!

I'm off to tackle a mountain of ironing that has been neglected.
Happy Humpday!

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