Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toys and Taste Tests

Wet basements make for clean basements.
I prefer not to think of frozen water lines as a problem.
Rather, they provide an opportunity to clean areas of the basement otherwise overlooked during routine cleaning.
Yeah. Right.
We emptied the area beneath the basement stairs for the first time in fourteen years.
Look what I found.
These aren't Grace and Grant's toys.
They aren't John and Emily's toys either.
They belong to David and me.
Our kids expressed their deepest sympathy for our abject lack of childhood toys requiring batteries.

I think I prefer our toys to their newer toys.
I can still remember playing with these dolls.
Speaking of toys....
look what else made its way out of the dark recesses of the stairway closet.

Grant has had fun driving this Hummer around the yard and over the snow.
Notice his sandals.  I think it was all of twenty degrees outside.
At least he had some kind of shoe on!

This picture most accurately describes my mood the past few days.
I will quite possibly go insane if school is canceled one more day!
The kids do not share my feelings.
They are quite happy at home building massive animal kingdoms in my living room.

Zoo headquarters
Giraffe and Gorilla cages

Wild Horse Corral
and on....

and on....

and on!!!
I kindly suggested they close the zoo before bedtime last night.
They obliged, grudgingly.
The neighbor girls (who have the most beautiful curls) agreed to help Grace with her science fair project this year.

The neighbor boy helped too...though he was a less willing participant and lacked the gorgeous curls of the other assistants.

Grace's scientific study involved trying to identify ten flavors of jello.
It also involved identifying ten flavors of jello that are all colored black.
This presented a challenge to everyone involved because it really meant eating WAY more jello than any normal person wants to eat at one time.
Ten people were tested.
Everyone tried to guess the black jello flavors first, then the colored jello.
No one did very well on the black.  The best score was six out of ten right.
Everyone did better identifying the colored jello.
A couple people even got ten out of ten right. (Surprise!)
I'll post a picture of her display board when she gets it done.
It has to be turned in next week.
Stay warm!  And Keep The Snow!

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  1. You didn't post the pic of her screwed up face when she ate the watermelón!!!!!