Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Poor Pup - More Pictures

Remington got to sit on the seat of the truck riding home with David.
He looks pretty good, huh?

What about this angle?
He is glad to be home and glad to have the cone off his head for a while.

Poor guy probably won't try squeezing under any fences in the near future.
I'm guessing he learned his lesson Saturday.

The lake where we ski
Frozen solid around the docks and ramps

I went for a drive to warm up last week when my house was hovering at fifty degrees inside.
I had never seen the lake frozen so wandered down to take a look.

Old house at the back of the farm

House sitting on the site of the new cattle barn
This one will get pushed this spring.
I have to admit it breaks my heart to see it go, but the house does us no good as it is.

 Shed near the old house

A portion of the stone fence near the old cattle chute

The house we just bought

If you know the layout of our property, this will make sense.
The back yard of this house adjoins the end of the horse pasture.
It has another seven or eight acre pasture that will be nice to give the main horse pasture a break during the summer months.

Now I know why horses are called hay burners!
They never stop eating!!

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