Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Play A Game

Let's play a guessing game.

Which of these things is NOT TRUE about Valentine's Day 2014?

a.  David bought me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day

b.  The kids were home for ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!!

c.  David is taking me out to dinner tonight

d.  David bought me a new house for Valentine's Day

And the answer is.......


We will not be dining out in the name of romance tonight.  Instead we will be figuring out what to do with my new valentine's day gift.  Yes, folks, my husband loved me so much that he bought me a house for Valentine's Day.  That was exactly what I wanted.  I guess.

The farm adjacent to our Kentucky farm came up for sale.  Based on the location of the property it could be assumed it used to be part of our property and was sold off as a house site.  So of course we felt an obligation to reunite the properties.  It seemed the decent thing to do.  ;-)  It just so happened the closing fell on Valentine's Day.  Lucky me.

So what will we do with another house and assorted barns?  Not really sure right now.  That is still to be determined. 

Oh.  And the kids WERE home again today for snow.  We will get exactly 10 days off for summer vacation at the rate we are going.  It is only the middle of February!


  1. That must be the first time in 23 years that you haven't received roses for valentines day.
    But what more could you expect, than another home to live in? Maybe Ron will be interested
    in moving into it & you said there were more barns. So now you can build more fences open
    up the fence between the old & the new fields & not need to build more shelters for the Shupeville zoo animals. If Ron isn't interested, maybe you cauld talk grandpa Simms into
    moving in & taking care of the animals for you. Think that would be easier than helping Ed
    in the oilfield!! I just admire the plans & dreams you kids have & the way you fulfill them.
    Keep going & you will have a home for each of your kids to live in when its time to kick them
    out of the nest!! Love you all, grandma S.

  2. Talk dad into moving. You can have input on the remodel if you speak up soon enough.