Sunday, February 2, 2014

Military Ball

John and Emily attended the JROTC Military Ball last night.
This is Emily and her date, a fine young man named Tyler.
Tyler was not only Emily's escort for the evening, he also happens to be one of John's best friends.  That little detail made the night so much more fun for all involved.
David recently added this shirt to his wardrobe.  It contains some wise words for nice young men like Tyler.
And NO.
He did not actually wear it around Tyler.  Parents were asked to wear dress clothes if they were going to the ball.  David dressed appropriately....much to Emily's relief.
Emily had a great evening and has even reconsidered her retirement date from ROTC.
The thought of attending next year's military ball seems to be enough enticement to put up with the less desirable part of ROTC for another year.
John did not take a date.
I suggested the two kids pose together for his picture.
They did.
There is hope for them growing up and genuinely liking one another yet.
A mother can dream, can't she?
David and I chauffeured the kids to dinner with their friends and then on to the ball which lasted until midnight.  We hired a high school buddy of Emily to babysit due to the late hour of the night.
We are the proverbial old married couple.  After driving around town, buying ice cream, driving around town some more, shopping for furniture and driving some more we finally ended up in the school parking lot playing video games on our phones for the last hour of the evening.  We sure aren't very exciting anymore.

Grace had some design ideas for Emily's formal wear.
I think she needs to look for a career that lets her use her creativity when she grows up.

Enjoy the SUPERBOWL!!!


  1. Our granddaughter looks BEAUTIFUL, and her twin brother and our grandson is very HANDSOME in his uniform!!!!!
    Hope both of you had a good and very enjoyable evening, with many memories!

    Love you both, Grandpa and grandma Simms