Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Science Fair Success!!

Grace has successfully navigated the scientific research process and lived to tell the story.

She now has a thorough understanding of how our other senses affect the sense of taste.
She also can identify ten flavors of jello without looking at the colors
Now THAT is talent.

 Her project was turned in and presented last week.
Today she found out that hers was picked as one of the third grade winners.

She was so excited to show me her science medal tonight after school.
I don't think third graders go on to compete at the district level, but she didn't care.
She was happy enough with just the medal!

Doggy still doing well.  He doesn't act like he's in pain.
He hasn't been wearing his cone much either.
So far he has left his stitches alone.

I'm sure that will change once it starts to heal and itches.
He will be a pup-cone once again!


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