Sunday, February 16, 2014


There is hope this winter will end!!
David and I braved the cold to prune the fruit trees and a few other vines in the orchard this weekend. We are also getting things ready to tap maple trees in the next few weeks.

These things give me hope that spring will eventually awaken and this miserable snowy winter will finally end.

Our neighbor did not make the closing on the new property.  She was ill Friday, so she will sign over the house to us Monday.  That means we did not go onto the property this weekend since it is not officially our yet.

No house pictures to share.

Grace and Grant found this monster truck at the Wal-Mart near the farm.
Grant was much more excited than Grace was to see the truck up close.

In other exciting news......

We went to the farm with two dogs and returned to town with only one.
Meg and Remington play outside when we go to the farm.  We don't contain them with a leash or fence. They do a great job hanging around close to the house.

Saturday evening as we sat down to dinner, Remington thumped on the back door wanting to come inside.  When David let him in, we found he had a huge chunk of hide and flesh gone from his side.  It looks like he might have lost a fight with a barbed wire fence.  It looks like it was torn and not like a bite from another animal.  He didn't have any other injuries.

Needless to say, we loaded him up for a few days of rest and relaxation at the vet's office we use for the horses and cows.

I really do not crave nor enjoy excitement and drama,
but it seems to find us more than our fair share of times!

I'm just glad he can be put back together.
We can rebuild him!!

Bionic Dog??

Pictures I downloaded last week.....
I'm not sorting or editing.  My computer is dying a slow death and not cooperating at all right now.

Grant's race cars

Grace and Grant's stained glass window

Farm Breakfast (not this weekend)

They obviously have a lot of free time at the farm....

I don't even know what most of these are supposed to represent.
They get my phone and take their own pictures.
Sometimes I find some might interesting things on my phone when they've had it.


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