Monday, January 18, 2010

Beth and Bowling

Here are the kids painting the other day....before they turned my kitchen into a tattoo parlor.  Grant gets pretty creative and colorful.  Grace's is more of a dark style.

We did get a snowman built too.

Actually Daddy built it for them before it all melted.  Big or small, no matter.  It is STILL a snowman.

They were pleased as punch by the little guy.  When Grant walked back in the house, he called out "Good-bye, Frosty!"


 Grant:  Can I play with your game, Grace?

Grace:  No Grant.  I don't want you to.

Grant:  What does no mean???   (Do we have an existential humanist in the bunch?)


Beth showed up here Saturday just in time to go bowling with the family.  No pictures.  We bowled in the dark (if you have not done this, you're lucky!).  It was actually fun though a bit weird at the same time to bowl by neon strobe lights and runway lighting between the lanes.  The kids loved it.  Even the two little ones bowled an entire game each. 

The purpose was to help John earn a scout sports badge.  That was his final requirement.  Yeah!!

I don't know if Beth likes to bowl or not, but she sure was a good sport about the whole thing.  We get a little loud and chaotic sometimes doing things like that.  The thought always running through my mind is how do these people with six and more kids do it and make it look easy?? 

We've had a good visit with Beth.  Unfortunately, she came two days before our painters are showing up so she played with kids a lot while I would sneak off to tear apart something else elsewhere in the house.  I hope she didn't feel neglected and abused while here.  We want her to come back!!!

Thanks for the help Beth!!

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  1. Not a problem! Thanks for letting me stay-I had a great time! Any weekend spent playing with your kids and having some PG-13 rated fun after they go to bed is a good weekend! I'll be back for sure!