Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you very much

 Attention please......

We have received the gift of snow you so graciously sent our way.  We are deeply moved by your generosity and appreciate your thoughtfulness in sharing the white stuff.

 We've played.  We've sledded.  We've tried (unsuccessfully) to build a snowman.

We are now done.  You can keep the rest of the cold wet stuff to yourselves now.  We are going to go back inside and wait for spring to arrive.  Thank you very much.


Traffic was a little backed up on the roads today due to the snow.  Look at this traffic jam!!


 Grant decided to do a little tattoo work yesterday to himself.  I wasn't too concerned.

That is, until I realized it was not marker, but highlighter.

You see, highlighter isn't washable.  These were taken after I scrubbed his face.

I think I'll cancel the three year old pictures I had scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Not the way I want to remember my three year old in twenty years!


Hope you're feeling better, Mom!

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