Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do's and Don'ts

Lots going on around here this week.  I am still tearing apart rooms in preparation of the painters being here later this week.  I have the upstairs mostly done and have moved on to the basement.  The depressing part is that I know it tears apart a lot faster than it goes back's a process I know.  We'll get it done........eventually! 

I forgot to take any before pictures of the basement.  Maybe I'll at least get some of the wall colors to compare.  Before this house, we've always been so forgetful to do before and after pictures.  I like having them though.  It's nice to look back and see the progress.

We are off to do three year old Grant and five year old Grace pictures tomorrow morning.  Since December is a nightmarish month to get Grant's done, I've split the difference the past two years and done both kids in one trip sometime between birthdays.  Efficiency at it's finest.  Hopefully, they have fun and we get some good shots.

The science project has finally been decided.  In my opinion, Emily had a winner with her idea to see if smiling at people would really cause more of them to smile back at her.  An hour walking around the mall and that little project would have been in the bag.  NOT TO BE!!!!

We did pick a fairly easy project though.  They are testing the honesty of kids at school.  They are dropping dollars around the school in ziplocs with the words lunch money written on it to see how many bags get turned back in.  They are studying which groups by age and by gender turn in the most money.  Also they are studying if people are more or less honest when the amount of money changes.  Could be interesting. 

I figure even if I get half the money back, I am still out less money on this one project (that they get to do together) than I have spent in years past on two individual projects for them.  Little time, effort or money.....sounds like a winner even if it doesn't get a blue ribbon.  Yeah!! 

AND, thank you for the science fair ideas you suggested.  I still have three years to come up with six more projects for these guys to do!!


The Do's and Dont's 

Overnite diapers DO still get worn to bed nightly by our three year old.

They DON'T get wet at night very often, but who wants to run the risk of wet sheets in the middle of the night.

The little kids DO get themselves dressed of a morning.

I DON'T check their clothes very closely when I throw them in the laundry.

(can you see where this is headed??)

Overnite diapers DO get stuck in the leg of pajama pants occasionally.

I DON'T always turn clothes right side out to launder them.

Overnite diapers DO absorb lots of liquid.

Overnite diapers DON'T absorb a washer full of liquid.

Overnite diapers DO absorb so much liquid they explode.

Absorbent materials DON'T dissolve in water.

Absorbent materials DO make a mess out of a washing machine.

Mothers DON'T like finding said mess in washing machine.

Mothers DO just shut the lid and rewash the load hoping the entire thing goes away on its own.

Washing machines DO remove most absorbent material messes when asked to do so.

Dryers DON'T cooperate as well as washers at removing the rest of the sticky stuff.

Mothers DO just fold the clothes anyway hoping no one will notice the little clear pellets clinging to their clothes.

DON'T try this trick at home. 


  1. am I interrupting things this weekend?! would it be easier to try to work out another weekend? I don't want to interrupt the home makeover!

  2. you're never interrupting! I haven't called you yet, but I was still planning on you coming. David will be gone, and we might actually go to a motel so bring a swimsuit if you want. We do double rooms, so there's plenty of beds! I'm not sure if we'll even do that. The painters haven't started yet. He ran into trouble getting back. One of his kids got sick. Email and let me know what your plans are!! The kids are excited to see you.