Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chocolate Hearts - really cocoa and valentines

Sit, Cocoa.

                                                                                                                      Now stay, Cocoa.

Let's go for a walk, Cocoa.

For some reason, Grant has started calling Meg Cocoa.  He requires the rest of us to call her Cocoa too!  He will drag her around the house for a few laps taking "Cocoa" for a walk.

 He then ties Meg Cocoa to a chair and tells her to stay.

 This is great until Grant gets bored and wanders off.  Pretty soon I hear the sounds of scratching as the dog comes wandering through the house dragging the little chair behind her. 

Poor dog.  She is a saint (not saint bernard, just saint) for putting up with the things the kids do to her.

Is Cowboy Festus Grant sleeping?

 What is wrong with him??

 He was just bucked off his trusty horse.  He's waiting on Cowgirl Grace to come "save" him.

Grace to the rescue.

 Now, that's better.

 Grant:  What are we doing?

Mom:  You are getting ready for gymnastics class.  Get your shoes off.

Grant:  But, I'm not a GIRL!!! (screeched with a good measure of righteous indignation)

I never did convince him to try the class I signed him up to take.  Apparently when you're three years old, you DON'T take a gymnastics class unless you're a GIRL!


Do you know what Grace is doing?

She's getting her "homework" done.

It isn't due until February, but she just couldn't wait to work on it.

 She worked on it a good part of the morning today.  What is it??


Valentines for her class.  The party is February 9th.....think she'll get them done in time???

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