Monday, January 11, 2010

The Randomness of Life

Emily is turning into quite the little cook's the french toast she made while home this weekend (with a little help from John too).  They did a great job.  I did not help.  I did supervise though.

It was delicious.....good job little chefs!!


Grant is out of bed for the one hundredth seemingly tenth time tonight.  He fell asleep on the couch while I was tearing apart bedrooms upstairs(more on that later).  He slept just long enough to be hard to wake up and hard to put to bed tonight.  These are the nights he's still up pestering me talking to me at ten o'clock!!


I took John to the orthodontist today.  This was the first check up in six months.  He has recently lost five teeth (eating hasn't seemed hampered by the lack of teeth), so I was curious what the doctor would have to say.  Good news!!!  No braces still.  We go back in eight months to be evaluated again.  Maybe we can dodge this bullet yet!  My checkbook would be excited at the thought.


Tearing apart my house - Act 4

I've had painters on the main level of the house.....granite guys tearing apart my kitchen for a week at a time.....bathroom guys tearing apart my bathroom for weeks at a time.....and now.....for the final act.....

Manuel and his crew return for the grand finale starting Wednesday.  He just called me today on his return trip from where else?  Mexico!!  He's been with his family for a vacation during Christmas but is now ready to finish painting the rest of the house.

Virtually every room upstairs and in the basement is getting torn apart for this little project.  He's not painting all of the walls, but he is doing all of the trim, door, windows and ceilings that so desperately need done.  I am guessing about a week again to finish.....I will be glad. (that is an understatement)


Finally, you've read my ramblings, now the thing that you've stuck around for (though I'm not always sure why)................


These were taken Sunday afternoon.  As you can see, the snow was almost gone by then.  They had so much fun playing in the snow this weekend.  These pictures were taken in our subdivision behind our cul de sac.  We spent a couple hours each day out sledding or riding behind the four wheeler.  They all loved it including the little kids.  I did more playing than photographing.  Thus, the lack of pictures!  Meg had the most fun of all I believe.  She would chase each sled down the hill nipping at the riders as they went past.  She got a few pretty good nips in on Grace and John.  Hope you enjoyed the white stuff too.


 Grant (to me):  Thank you Mom.  It was nice meeting you.  (???)

Grant (to me):  Grace and I are going on vacation.  We won't be back for dinner.

Me: Where are you going on vacation?

Grant: To Grace's room!

Back to work for me.....more rooms to demolish before Wednesday.

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