Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paint and Physicians

Bloggin absence due to painter presence......they are going to be here all of this week too the way it is shaping up right now.  We have the upstairs put back together, but poor John and Emily are still living with drop cloths and not much else in the basement!! 

That's what they get for telling Manuel to leave theirs for last.  They actually told him they liked it like it is.  Bummer for them!!


Dad:  Grace, you are so smart!!

Grace:  I know.  I used my smart Grace brain.

Dad:  How old are you Grant?

Grant:  I'm three. (showing the appropriate number with fingers)

Dad:  How old will you be on your next birthday?

Grant:  TWO!

Dad:  You can't be two again.  How about four?

Grant:  TWO!  I'm going to go back next time.  (let me know how that works, little buddy, I might try it a time or two myself)

Grant: (after falling off the barstool) Ask me if I'm OK, mom!!!


 Convenience of a whole new kind.  I finished shopping at Kroger one day last week and noticed they were finished remodeling the front of the store.  One of the new convenience shops they made into an office called "THE LITTLE CLINIC".

Now you may have these where you live, but this is new to us.  I parked my grocery cart and marched in with two kids in tow.  I told him my problems (well, at least the ones involving physical symptoms).  He looked me over and gave me a prescription.  I proceeded to the pharmacy counter where I got the prescription filled while I shopped.  How convenient is THAT?!

I never would have gone to the trouble of making an appointment with my family doctor.  Nor would I have paid premium price to go to a walk in clinic.  This was great.  I got my regular copay plus didn't need an appointment or even a trip out of my way to get cured!!

That is convenience at its best in my humble opinion.


Gotta go play with my kids.

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