Thursday, January 28, 2010

coffee filters

So what's up with this photo?

Did the painters leave a dropcloth in Grant's room?

What is Grace up to?

Let's follow her and see where she's going.

Let's get a closer look inside.

That would be her fake napping in her "tent" in Grant's room.

And the guy in the tent with her?......that is her "mean dog".  I don't really know what "the mean dog" thing is all about.  One of them will come running to me insisting on being picked up as the other one chases after on all fours barking and snarling.  It was cute the first hundred few times.

The kids were driving me bonkers today.  The painters were getting on my last nerve too.  I am tired of trying to dodge the painters in my house as they round out week two of painting.  I am also tired of trying to keep two cats, a dog and two kids out of their way while they go about painting my walls.  So I grabbed an old sheet and made them a tent (them meaning the kids, not the painters)(the painters would probably really think I was a nut job if I made THEM a tent). 

I grabbed their sleeping bags a couple snacks and flashlights and presto, camping in January!!!

Grace and Grant left me alone played happily for a couple hours before they came looking for me again.  I actually got my ironing done!  Yeah!!


Many years ago (how long do you have to wait to actually be qualified to use that phrase?) I taught my older kids how to make snowflakes out of coffee filters.  We used them to decorate the windows in January seeing as how I had no window decorations for January like I do for all the other months.

I jokingly told the kids as we taped the snowflakes to the window that it would make real snow appear if we made pretend snowflakes.  Wouldn't you know, it snowed and my kids became BELIEVERS IN THE MAGIC OF COFFEE FILTERS PRETEND SNOWFLAKES.

Fast forward several years and the older two have long ago given up believing in Santa, the tooth fairy and the magic of coffee filters taped to the windows.....BUT I now have two more little ones who love the magical things of childhood.

Therefore, we're still in the business of making coffee filter snowflakes every January and taping them to the windows in hopes of making snow appear outside.  Usually it works.  Understand, they've never tested their theory in July (thankfully).

I did remove the snowflakes today for two reasons.  One, it was time to put up some valentine decorations....and two, and more importantly, just in case the coffee filter snowflake magic really does work, I don't want any part of the ice/snow storm they are forecasting for the end of this week!!!

Have a good night. 


One more little note...................

Grant just cried so I went to attend to him.

He has INCREDIBLY bad aim.

Good night again.

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