Monday, January 4, 2010

Thomas is in town

Thomas and his friends showed up around Christmas time.  They have been quite entertaining for the kids this week.

He keeps asking me to "chug the engines" with him.  That's what he does the entire time.  He sits and says it over and over.

Just thought I'd share the pictures so you all could see that your contributions to the collection have made one little Shupe boy VERY HAPPY.  Thank you again.

He's even been nice enough to let sister play with trains too.  I guess it's more fun when someone else can help with so many engines to run. 

Even John and Emily got in on the action at times.  They set up John's big train set in the basement.  We have rail yards all over this house. 

Just call me Mrs. Topham Hat!!

That reminds me....when we were at the zoo one day this fall, I asked a little boy playing with Grant what his name was.  I didn't understand his answer so I asked his mom what he had said.  The reply?.....Mr. Conductor.  She said he was NUTS over Thomas stuff.  The little boy was two years old.  Too cute!!

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