Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tattoos and talks

Here is Grant finger painting in  the buff in the kitchen.....I guess painting naked frees up his creativity somehow.  Technically, he's not naked.  He IS wearing know.  He got a little carried away with the painting though.  By the time I caught him a few of his anatomical features were green.....again.  Last time they got it with the markers.

Do you see the spot on his back?  It isn't a birthmark.

He had some help getting that put on his back today.  Guess who helped?

Grace decided her brother needed a tattoo.  Somehow I actually caught her in the act.  I didn't realize at the time exactly what she was doing.  I was trying to take a picture of him painting.

Here's her handiwork.....not.bad.huh?

Too bad she did it with tempra paint.  It didn't last until bathtime.

After the tattoo job was finished, the two went to hang out and relax with the dog.

Their favorite spot lately to sit and visit?

The shower!!


Grant had his three year well visit today.  Everything was a-okay.  He measured at the 97th percentile on height and weight both.  We grow 'em big at the Shupe house (well, except Grace that is)

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  1. This WHOLE post made me chuckle! Your kids are so cute. When I paint with Cora we only wear a diaper. . . and, she is generally rainbow colored when we are finished.