Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perspective - It's all how you look at it

Sixteen year olds don't
  - need their bottom wiped
  - cry when they skin their knees
  - ask me to hold their boogers (yeah, no kidding) (wish I were)
  - need their food cut into small pieces
  - get lost in the department store
  - color on my freshly painted walls
  - wipe snot on my clean pants
  - cry until their favorite bedtime blanket is found
  - sneeze in my face
  - want to read the same book every night at bedtime
  - spill their milk then use it like finger paint
  - need their shoes tied, and retied, and retied
  - say "MOM" a million times a day
  - repeat the same request a hundred times in a row

BUT WAIT..........

Three year olds don't
  - ask for the keys to the car
  - ask me for money
  - hide their report card
  - call me names when I'm not around
  - argue about the too short skirt I don't like them wearing
  - drink out of the milk jug
  - eat enough food each day for a small army
  - ask me to drop them off two blocks from their destination
  - sneak around to go see "that boy"
  - get embarrassed when I kiss them in public
  - borrow my clothes without asking
  - forget to do their chores

BUT WAIT...........

Sixteen year olds don't

  - color me pictures
  - hug me with sheer abandon because I've been gone all day
  - kiss me goodnight
  - tell me I'm their best friend
  - think I'm the best PBJ maker in the whole world
  - know I can fix ANYTHING just because I'm mom
  - want to bring their friends in the house to meet me
  - let me pick their outfits to wear to school
  - let me put cute ponytails in their hair
  - fight to sit by me in public places
  - want to read together
  - make me turkeys shaped like their hands

BUT WAIT.........

Three year olds don't

  - ask me for advice
  - get straight A's
  - manage to work and go to school at the same time
  - introduce me to their friends
  - help with work around the house
  - ask how my day has been
  - write essays in class about how great their mom is

I guess it doesn't really matter what age they are, they are all wonderful.  Kids, what a blessing.....and what fun.


  1. awwwwwww cute! I resent the negative things 16 year olds do though...who does that?! ;-)

    PS...I think ya'll should come to Charleston tomorrow if you're still in West Salem :-)

  2. Come to west salem....driving to Grandma's house with a car full of kids was punishment enough. I could not handle another two hours!!!

  3. She has this little thing called CLASS remember! HA And truthfully my 16 year olds didn't do a lot of those things.....Each age has different blessings and challeges that is for sure. But in the long run it is all good and you tend to remember only the good. Wouldn't trade any of it for a million dollars.

  4. I WOULD come buttttt...I'm actually leaving today to go home and then on to Mizzou and Fontbonne tomorrow! We'll be back long are you in IL?

  5. just until Saturday....john has baseball practice at noon so we'll leave first thing Saturday morning...SORRY!