Sunday, April 18, 2010


UPDATED:  Blogger is finally working again.  I finally can download pictures.  Yeah!

Spring is in full force.  The kids have already done a lemonade stand.  I think two hours of work netted Emily and a neighbor friend Katie each $3.50.  They had fun and I think drank a lot of their profits, but isn't that what it is about?

We walked up to the clubhouse last week one evening and played a couple hours of tennis.  John and Emily did pretty well.  Grace and Grant just played with some balls and old rackets off to the side.  I think they enjoyed themselves even though they didn't actually play tennis with us.

We have been watching birds this spring.  A mother robin has made a nest in our little tree out front.  We check on her each morning.  As of today she has three eggs.  Grace thinks she'll have ten eggs!!  Sorry to disappoint you, Grace!  I think momma bird is about done laying eggs.

John is also bird watching for boy scouts.  He built and put out a bluebird house.  We cleaned one nest out of it early on.  Right now there is a nest with speckled eggs in it.  We think it is a chickadee nest instead of a bluebird.  Since I like chickadees and since I hold veto power in this house, the nest was spared.......score one for the chickadees!!

We've been to the zoo as well since the weather turned pretty.  I took Grace and Grant the other day along with a picnic lunch.  We enjoyed getting to see the animals again.  They shared their lunch with the ducks and geese while we were there.


The fish got in on the feeding action too.


Grace and Grant spent a long time playing on the playground at the zoo.


Grace made a buddy while she was there.  The two of them worked diligently to build a wall from mulch.  It wasn't going well.  Finally, I told her we HAD to move on.  I wonder if her buddy ever got it finished.


 The zoo has a new exhibit.  It has about twenty animated dinosaurs on display.  They were very interesting to watch.

The dinosaurs appeared lifelike enough that Grant only ventured out of the stroller once....just long enough to meet this little dinosaur.  He was content to view the bigger ones from the safety of the stroller.

Gardening is in full swing too.  We have been to the farm the past three weekends.  We now have the yard cleaned up, the garden planted, the landscaping sort of cleaned and ready to be mulched and.....we spend today planting an orchard.  With a prayer and an incredible amount of luck (hah) we will have fruit one day in our future from our own trees.  We planted a dozen peach and apple trees along with blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and grape plants.  We are optimistic.

This week I am working on cleaning the house.  I've got the bedrooms upstairs emptied except for beds getting ready to do carpets tomorrow. 

I know it sounds sick, but I like this time of year.  Cleaning things and seeing the new life outside somehow give a needed sense of purpose and rhythm to an otherwise chaotic existence.  I'll take that when I can get it!!!

Gotta run, I've got more furniture to move!!

Have tried three days now to put pictures on here.  I guess blogger has issues to resolve.  It doesn't seem to be my computer, so I'll blame the blogger website.  Maybe pictures later.  I have to post this before it becomes a full length novel!

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