Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter 2010

We did celebrate Easter here a couple weeks ago.

I am just very slow to post pictures.

All of the kids colored Easter eggs.

Drawing on them with markers was more entertaining than the dye was.

They each colored a dozen eggs.

This was Grant's first year coloring eggs.  He's been napping while we colored eggs in the past.
He had a lot of fun doing it, but refused to leave an egg in the dye long enough to do anything more than barely tint it.

We'll have to work on his technique in coming years.

Sunday morning the kids all had treats left for them by the Easter bunny.  The two older ones KNOW where the Easter bunny lives, but they still get treats from Mr. Bunny.  I think they like finding the surprises in their baskets no matter how old they are getting.

Emily got a snowglobe which she is now collecting.
Grace got a tiny little princess doll with two dresses for it.
John got a watch he has been asking for.

Grant got a set of new matchbox cars that he can work on destroying.
He is so hard on his toys.

This is the crew all cleaned up for church.  This is probably the last year I'll be able to shop for all four kids at one store.  I'm gonna miss all the bonus bucks and discounts I get by buying all their clothes in one place!!

That's the only reason they always match for church.  I get their clothes at the same store.

Easter egg hunt after church

Checking the loot after the hunt.

I packed up Easter dinner that I had made and we headed to the farm.  We celebrated there with lunch.  We then moved the celebration to the garden.  We worshiped God and creation by planting most of the garden that afternoon!! (ha)   Not exactly what the kids had in mind, but they were good sports about it.

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