Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

Hi Folks!!!!

While I'm sitting here soaking in Grandma's tub, would you like to know where we've been lately??

Let me see now.......


OK, here it is.....
our week in review.

We spent spring break at Grandma and Grandpa's house doing lots of fun things.....
John spent some time building a Lego train track and a train to go on it.  That was pretty neat.

We watched Benji and fell in love with a bee named Buzzby.  We also played with Grandma's matchbox cars and Barbies.

Emily helped Grandma make some of her favorite chocolate chip cookies.  We helped her eat them for dinner.  That was nice of her to share.

We did lots of other stuff too, like visit some of our relatives and eat at McDonalds.  We flew kites one day and even walked to the city park to play.  At night we played a couple games including that crazy Moose game and Yatzee.  There was swinging and flower picking and popcorn watching as well.  We had a super fun time.

Now I've got to get going.  If  you have any more questions, please speak to Grace.  She is my public relations person. 


can a girl get a little privacy nowadays???

Can't you see I'm BUSY?

I'm busy too.  I've got to stay home sometime so I can catch up around this place!!  This isn't going to be the week for that to happen I can tell already.  Gotta go work on that Sunday night laundry!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun week with lots of memories made.  The kids and I had a great time.  You are good sports to put up with us so many days in a row.

Good night!

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