Monday, April 5, 2010

Florida Pictures

Absent again......

Yes, we've been to the farm, and to the zoo, and to the park, and to the school playground, and to the store.
You get the idea.

It has been so pretty, I have not wanted to get my work done inside.  That means I spend my evenings just trying to catch up, not posting pictures. 

I'll get caught up one of these days (like maybe when they're all in college!!).

The balcony from the upstairs bedroom looking down into the living room.  In past trips here, there has been a lot of launching of objects up and down from the window.  Lots of fun, but.....

I  tried to nix that stuff this time.  I didn't want to see how little bodies bounced from that height.  Nor did I wish to see what Grant would launch from above to test the laws of gravity.  There is a chair placed directly below the window in the line of gravitational descent.

The living area in the condo

This was the stairs leading up.  The kids liked playing on it for some reason unknown to me.

Our bathroom and bedroom.

Kitchen area

Upstairs bedroom for John and Emily.

They had their own TV in their bedroom.  Needless to say, they thought that was just pretty neat.  They watched it a lot up there which gave us a much needed break.  (Did I just type that??)

This was a cute little alcove with a bench upstairs.  I guess it would have been a hall closet in a designers mind, but the alcove was tons of fun for the kids to play in.  Their toy kittens are asleep on towels in this picture.

So where did Grace and Grant sleep?  In the walk-in closet upstairs on our inflatable queen bed from home.  They thought it was wonderful to have their own "bedroom".  No one was allowed to call it a closet while we were there.  I didn't really know what I would do with Grace if she decided she was above sleeping in a closet!

Not the most exciting post. Lots of pictures to post, just not lots of time with getting home from vacation, Easter and now spring break this week.  I am packing up to hopefully leave with the kids again tomorrow for a few days in Illinois.  Watch out Grandma and Grandpa!! We're coming to getcha!!

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