Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kleenex and Popcorn Required

OK, we did the unheard of thing this past week of watching two movies.  We never watch movies.  We never never watch current movies.  I went to Blockbuster this time and picked.  Most times I don't have a clue about what is out or what is good, but this time I scored two home runs.  We watched The Notebook last weekend....

and since we are incredibly bad about sitting down to watch a movie, it took us until tonight to watch the second movie....The Blind Side.

Cried watching both (not that unusual).  Ready to go buy both (pretty unusual). 

The next time you decide to watch a movie  (and you are part of the one percent of the population that I belong to that is never up on their movie watching)....RENT THESE.  They are awesome.

I would say it is a tie which one I liked the most!!

Siskell and Ebert are going to bed now.....goodnight!

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