Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Know Your Colors?






Colors Grant has learned??

Well, sort of..........

The conversation goes something like this between him and his dad.......

  Dad:  Which tractor is blue?

Grant:  New Holland

Dad:  Which tractor is green? 

Grant:  John Deere

Dad:  Which tractor is yellow?

Grant:  Caterpillar

Dad: Which tractor is red?

Grant:  Case IH

Dad:  Which tractor is orange?

Grant:  Kubota!!

He's working hard to brainwash this kid from an early age. 

David wants his kids to grow up "country kids" even though we live in a metro small task!!  He's taking the challenge seriously though.

All County Band and Chorus performed last Thursday.  John and Emily did a good job.  The entire evening was very enjoyable with lots of good music.  Grandma made it over to share the kids' accomplishment.  They were very appreciative.  It was a hectic couple of days that she was here, so not much chance to visit really, but still nice to have her come all that way to hear them perform. 

One of these days I'll post pictures of it.  David took the pictures that evening seeing as how I carried Grant in asleep and carried him back out asleep at the end of the evening.  He slept through the entire thing....MAN is he heavy!!  Anyway, David was using his new playtoy equipment for catalog photography from work to take the pictures.  He has a new Canon camera he was toying with that evening.  I've got to get the pictures from him sometime before I can post them.

It's been rainy and cold here again.  I'm not sure where spring went, but I miss it.

good night all!

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