Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trip to Florida - Part 2

The afternoon was spent touring an antebellum mansion that has been relocated to the Stone Mountain Park.  It was beautiful inside.  I am partial though.  I love all old houses.

Emily took a little breather on the front porch of a general store that has been relocated to the site as well.

 We stopped at the petting zoo they had.  The animals were great. 

 Emily made a friend.  This little guy (or gal) really took a liking to Emily.

Grace thought the pigs were funny for some reason.

John  and Emily checked out a four seater brick outhouse.  They were not impressed with the accommodations.

I guess this was a high class outhouse.  Not only did it have four holes, but one of them was cut smaller to fit a child.  I thought that to be quite clever.  I don't think I've ever seen one specifically for a child.

Grace practiced being the School Head Mistress in the old schoolhouse.

After all that walking, sightseeing and learning, it was off to have some good clean fun in the hotel pool. 

This would be Grant finding new ways to entertain himself.  Once again, something I never would have allowed the older two to do at his age.
He's playing hide and seek.

He finally gave it up when no one came to find him.  I don't think he understands the rules of the game in that you need a hider and a SEEKER to make the game more fun.
After that, he decided to work on the air conditioning controls.  He did this for quite a while pretending to fix it and making appropriate noises.

Just a note, I know what I just wrote about him getting by with things.  I would not have let him do this however, except the controls did not work.  There was a thermostat on the wall.  So twist away, Grant!!

That about sums up the trip to Florida. 

I will post some pictures from Florida later, but honestly, we mostly sat on the beach for eight days.  How many pictures does it take to remember THAT?

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