Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black and Blue

Today David and I went to the farm........

me - to clean house like it never gets cleaned when we're only there for a weekend

David - to work on the farm stuff needing worked on

I cleaned

He worked

We took a break and drove to town to get a sandwich at a little Amish deli.
Great food!!

Sat on the porch to eat our sandwiches from the litttle Amish deli.

Cleaned some more - me

Worked some more on the farm stuff - David

picked MORE beans and cucumbers

Anyone want some fresh free cucumbers???

after much cleaning and working, we decided to go for a drive back to the creek before we closed up shop for the day to head back to the other home where the saintly babysitter was watching our four kids....

now for the 'black' part of my little tale........

figured it out yet?

how about now?

We were an hour or more late getting home because we had to stop and pick the first crop of blackberries this year.  We were surprised to find them ready so early, but they were plentiful and sweet. 

Wish I'd worn something besides shorts and sandals!!

I'll remember to go more prepared to battle the thorns next trip.

Now for the blue.........

As an added bonus, we checked the orchard before we left for the day.

I picked my first (and only) blueberry of the season.
I'm hoping the new bushes do just a bit better next year!!

I was thrilled though with having even one this year!!!

Hmmmmm, wonder how I should fix it to eat???

Our cucumbers are plentiful.  I've been giving them to babysitters and neighbors.

Admire the cucumbers (and cherry tomato too). 
Ignore the mess.

I smell a blackberry cobbler somewhere in my future!!!!!!

Anyone want to come share?

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