Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Real Redneck Bath

Tried to go to the pool on Monday.....

it was closed for some tile repairs.

So we went downtown to waterfront park

for a real redneck bath a good time

splashing in the various water fountains

that are made for splashing

Just for fun we tried something new while we were there.......

The kids and I rented a surrey to pedal through the park which stretches for a few miles along the riverfront

then to cool off before leaving

I let them experience a real redneck bath

which they loved

though I found it a little gross.

Photo proof that my kids are not the only ones playing in the municipal fountains.

Though I must say I'll probably never let mine go in that water again.

I sort of prefer chlorine with our public bathing experience.

Lots of chlorine!!

They don't fully grasp the impact of germs yet.

As you can tell by the happy faces.

To them it was just a good time.

and that's OK.........

after I took them all home and disinfected them from the river water contaminants.

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